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To start off this new blog I wanted to share something from the old one. This was one of the first posts from my original blog and while perhaps not the most exciting, it shows the beginnings of what came to be some great opportunities to photograph the Portland Winterhawks over this past phenomenal season, but more on that later.

Original post starts after the break.

As previously mentioned I started working for the PSU Vanguard, I had somewhat expected my first assignment to be somewhat dull, something to test the water so to speak. Instead I managed to grab something pretty cool, the PSU Hockey Club had been displaced from their normal rink due to a tournament and instead was hosting Idaho at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.

Normally when I’ve shot sports the focus has been more on the action, meaning tight shots of the players. In this case the writer stressed to me that the focus of the article was more of the hockey club playing at the Memorial Coliseum than just the club itself. Of course the problem with most tight shots of action is that they usually don’t convey the setting very well, and wide angle shots give a good overview of a setting but can minimize the action you’re trying to capture.

This was my favorite shot from the game:
PSU Hockey vs. Idaho 0230
It’s got decent action and really shows the coliseum, specifically the central red scoreboard.

This next one is another shot I really liked from this game:
PSU Hockey vs. Idaho 0093
I’ve always preferred shot photos where you can actually see what the player is shooting at, you get a much better sense of the scene than other “lone shooter” type shots.

Unfortunately neither of these shots were chosen for the paper. One of the nice things about having experience doing newspaper layout is you can see why things were done. For this article I agree with the layout staff, neither of these were the right choice for the space it needed to fill. At least with this blog these images won’t be left to drift away in the archives.

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